A Load of Bull: Her Tauros, Kenta.

Chest Insignia/Brought to You by the Letter "S": As with all members of Team Rocket, Amy has a large red 'R' emblazoned on her chest.

Dark Action Girl.

Crazy Prepared: With all her gadgets, Amy is the fucking Batman of Team Rocket.

The Dragon: Amy serve this role to Giovanni in the storyline Songs of Victory, however, the true Dragon in term of Advance Frontier and Songs of Victory when considered a single storyline would be Vicious. However, due to Vicious plans to eventually overthrow Giovanni, this places him as a Dragon with an Agenda at best, and The Starscream at worst, thus leaving Amy as the true Dragon due to her loyalty to Giovanni.

  • Dark Chick

Elemental Powers: Not her, but her Pokémon

  • Big Creepy Crawlies: Shinji, her Scizor's primary typing.
  • Extra Ore Dinary: Shinji's secondary typing.
  • Non-Elemental: Kenta, her Tauros.

Elite Mook: Amy, while a powerful and prominent member of Team Rocket, is still only an Elite Officer. The title of "Admin" belongs to that of Vicious, the Admin in charge of Team Rocket Hora Branch. However, Amy still takes orders directly from Giovanni herself, and has enough influence within the organisation to have Grunts and Agents that serve directly under her.


Les Yay: Amy and Pia's interactions have a lot of Les Yay subtext going on, such as Pia calling Amy "honey" in a familiar way, and Amy being far more casual with Amy than anyone else, treating her seemingly like a wife with remarks like "have a pot of tea out for me when I get back". In fact, the subtext would probably be just text if Darkrai hadn't confirmed that there is nothing between the two.

Light Is Not Good: Amy, unlike most Team Rocket agents, wears an outfit of mostly pure white. She's a member of Team Rocket, so it's obvious she's far from "good".

The Nicknamer: No, not the official title for a Pokédex holder, but Amy is the only Team Rocket operative who actively nicknames her Pokémon. 

Only in It for the Money: One of Team Rocket's primary motives is monetary gain, and Amy, as a member, falls under this.


Tall, Dark, and Bishōjo: Amy has the appearance of one, and the attitude to match.

The Thirty-Six Stratagems: Amy, to date, has only emplyed one of them, specifically number six. She was surprised at how well it actually worked.

Undying Loyalty: To Giovanni. Amy didn't obtain her position purely because of her skills, she is an agent Giovanni trusts enough to handle critical missions, and Amy refuses to betray the man. This is a trait common with the higher-ups of Team Rocket, who are all fanatically loyal to Giovanni.


Woman in White: Mostly white, and she rocks that look.

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