アゲンチ ン Agenchin
Pokémon Breeder Argentine
Gender Female
Eye color Blue
Hair color White
Hometown Aster Town
Region Hora
Trainer class Pokémon Breeder

Argentine was a pokémon trainer from the Hora region. She was a spoiled, pampered kid of an incredibly wealthy family, high ranking officials of Gelel Company, allowing her to buy a lot of items for her pokémon. Despite her upbringing, Argentine aspired to become a pokémon breeder and began traveling with her pokémon once hen she came of age.

Biography Edit

As the only daughter of Gelel Co. employees, Argentine spent little time with her parents. In order to please Argentine, her parents frequently bought things that she wanted while they were at work. The relationship between Argentine and her parents were shaky at best, due to the lack of time she actually spent with them as she grew up. Once she became old enough, Argentine decided to leave the house and go on a journey, though her parents originally opposed the idea. She attempted to coerce her parents with the pokémon that she asked for over the years, claiming that they would help take care of her as she traveled, to no avail. Annoyed by the stubbornness of her parents, Argentine ran away from home and went on her journey.

Personality and traits Edit

Due to her upbringing, Argentine was spoiled and had a tendency to whine when she got frustrated. Argentine was also very gullible, especially when it came to shopping. Due to having so much money, Argentine only cared the the products that she bought worked, rather than the product operating at the efficiency that its label suggested.

Despite her negative traits, Argentine cared deeply for her pokémon and made sure that, despite her poor shopping habits, she had high quality ingredients for her cooking. To many that she met, her cooking was the redeeming trait of Argentine.

Pokémon Edit


Behind the scenes Edit

Since the character wore white, the creator originally wanted to use the name Ivory, in correspondence of the wiki's named versions. However, Ivory was already a created character and using the name Ebony as an alias was not a suitable alternative. With some research, Argentine was chosen for its association with silver, a similar color to white. The character used to represent Argentine is Momo from Ballad of a Shinigami.

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