アリャン Arian
Gender Female
Hometown Unknown
Region Hora
Relatives Lilian Meridian
Vivian Meridian
Anime debut First Pokémon Contest and a new Rival!
English voice actor
Japanese voice actor Kanako Yasaka

Arian (アリャン Arian) is s character on Pika-Fanon. She is the announcer for the Hora Pokémon Contests.

History Edit

Arian is related to Vivian Meridian, Lilian Meridian and Marian, resembling Lilian the most, even dressing like her, she just lacks a mole.

Synopsis Edit

On the wikia Edit

Like her releatives, Arian is the MC for Pokémon Contests. She MCs the ones that take place in the Hora Region. Her appearances on the wiki are as follows:

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