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Ashton's Buizel
灰土のブイゼル Kaido no Buiseru
Bag Poké Ball Sprite
Ashton's Buizel
Debuts in Swim along, Buizel!
Caught at Lumex City
Gender Female
Ability Swift Swim
Current location With Ashton Hawthorne
This Pokémon has not evolved.
Voice actor Japanese English
As Buizel None

Ashton's Buizel (灰土のブイゼル Kaido no Buiseru) is the first Pokémon owned by Ashton Hawthorne in the Hora region, and his starter Pokémon.


Buizel was given to him by his adoptive father at his deathbed, as a means of thanking him for being the son that he could never have. Even prior to this, Buizel has always been a good friend of Ashton, playing with him constantly as a child.


Buizel appears to be a somewhat boastful pokémon. It regularly likes to show off, and thus, constantly prefers to be in Contest appeals rather than anything else, something Ashton actually reciprocates. Aside from this, Buizel is rather playful; it easily interacts with other people, as well as Ashton himself, and took very little time to be accustomed to him as its trainer, though they were acquainted with one another prior to this. Buizel also appears to be confident in its abilities, enough to rather brazenly challenge other pokémon and trainers, which was the case when Ashton inadvertently challenged Lily and her Sneasel.


Abilities and traitsEdit

Buizel holds the ability Swift Swim. During any form of battle, if rain appears, Buizel can increase its already formidable speed considerably, especially in the water.


Buizel using its Aqua Jet.
Move First Used In
Aqua Jet Unknown
Quick Attack Unknown
Agility Unknown
Water Gun Unknown
A shows that the move was used recently, unless all moves fit this case.


Hora League

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