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"Alright then, I'm going to head off now. Thanks for all of this, sir. I promise you, every time I win a match, if I ever do, I'll credit you! I'll keep this Pokémon of yours loved and safe. Just watch me, I'll head to the top!"
—Ashton leaving his orphanage
Ashton Hawthorne
Age 14
Birthday April 8
Gender Male
Eye color Blue
Hair color Black
Trainer Status
Trainer Class Pokémon Trainer
Pokémon Coordinator
League Badges Hora League (0)
Ribbons Earned Hora (0)
Current League Hora League
Travel Partner(s) Lily
Starter Pokémon Ashton's Buizel
Personal Status
Relatives Ashton's Adoptive Father
Hometown Lumex City
Current Residence None
First Appearance
Story Debut Swim along, Buizel!

Ashton Hawthorne (灰土 Kaido), otherwise just referred to as Ash (灰 Kai) is a recently emerging Pokémon Trainer in the Hora Region, specifically starting his journey in Lumex City, his birthplace. He debuted in Swim along, Buizel!, and ever since, travels with his starting Pokémon, Buizel and his partner, Lily.


Ashton appears as a young man barely scraping his teenage years. His appearance, overall, reflects that of a stereotypical nerd, much to other people's pleasure as they make fun of him. He is a boy of relatively average height and a skinny build, with surprisingly long legs, though thin. He has black hair that frames his face and travels down to the nape of his neck, with a single distinct ahoge strand shown near the center of his scalp. In terms of attire, Ashton likes to wear a simple, light blue jacket over a white shirt with orange lining near the edges and its center, along with a pair of black pants, fastened by a black belt, and blue running shoes.


Ashton generally expresses himself as a man faced with numerous insecurities. He isn't very confident in himself, and thus, tends to be rather conservative in front of the general public. Despite his very meek personality, Ashton does hold considerable ambition, and when required, can put up a front of confidence. This is expressed primarily around people who he truly admires, and have been able to deal with his rather self-abusive personality. In these cases, Ashton expresses a strong viewpoint that he can climb to the top, it's only a matter of him trying to rectify himself, which he finds difficult to do.

Among other things, Ashton is a very logical person, showing extreme skill in outwitting other people based on his own personal philosophy and his knowledge in various areas. He dislikes child-like arguments, believing those individuals to not have any respect for the knowledge that somebody may try to give them. This causes him to quickly get angry, at which he usually attempts to douse his anger through ranting nonsensical things to somebody or the other.

Ashton appears to be a very caring and selfless person overall, to both Pokémon and Humans alike. He will rarely back down from a challenge if it is to help somebody, and will commonly do his best to help someone when they are distressed or saddened. His greatest dislike, above everything else, is seeing someone else sad. He thinks this way because of his upbringing, which has forced him to see numerous sad moments in his life. For this reason, Ashton constantly attempts to be kind to everyone he meets, and is willing to go to great lengths to keep people happy.



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Toukishi's Buizel
Buizel → Buizel


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