Axel's Zangoose
ゴールのザングース Gōrudo no Zangoose
Bag Poké Ball Sprite
Gold's Zangooseanime
Axe's Zangoose
Debuts in First Pokémon Gym Battle! Victory over the Gardenia Twins?
Caught at Unknown
Gender Male
Ability Immunity
Current location With Axel
This Pokémon has not evolved.
Voice actor Japanese English
As Zangoose None

Axel's Zangoose (ゴールのザングース, Gōrudo no Zangoose) is a Normal-type Pokémon under the care of Axel, the male Gym Leader of Gardenia Town.

Biology Edit

Zangoose are fairly large mammalian Pokémon that have the characteristics of mongooses and cats. They are mostly white in color, but possess deep red markings on the face, chest and paws, which have sharp pointed turns and edges. These markings make it appear that it has been involved in a vicious fight and is covered in blood and scars. They have two long, sharp black claws on their forepaws that are their main weapons. In earlier sprites, these claws were purple in color. Zangoose has pink eyes, small tufts of white fur on its shoulders, and a large, thick furry white tail. It also has a pattern of four pink circles on the underside of its three-toed feet in a 'paw-pad'-like arrangement.

Zangoose are bitter enemies with Seviper, and the two will battle each other to the end. It is suggested this rivalry has lasted for ages. It will usually walk on all fours but when angry it will stand on its hind legs.

Zangoose is an active hunter, and its prey may include Seviper.

Abilities & traits Edit

Zangoose's Immunity ability make it immune to poison. This is possibly an adaptation that was developed over time to deal with the fangs and tail of its nemesis, Seviper.

Moves Edit

Zangoose preforming Crush Claw
Move First Used In
Crush Claw Unknown
Quick Attack Unknown
Detect Unknown
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Close Combat Unknown
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