Caspia Conference Stadium
Caspia Conference
Kanji カスピかパレス
English Caspia Palace
Romaji Kaspika Paresu
Location Statistics
Region Hora
Debut N/A

The Caspia Conference Stadium (カスピかパレス, Kaspika Paresu; lit., "Caspia Palace) is a massive complex, located directly outside of Caspia City, consisting of battle arenas, hotels, and shops, as well as the main staging area for the Caspia Conference — the Pokémon League competition for the Hora region.

Overview Edit

Main article: Caspia Conference The stadium is the final destination for all those who hope to compete in the Hora League. Those who enter the tournament must have competed in Gym battles across the region and won at least eight Hora League Gym badges in order to register. Trainers who manage to do this earn free food and lodging at one of the complex's many hotels or lodging villages, which span the entire length of the stadium complex.

Notable Locations Edit

Caspia Plateau Edit

Caspia Conference Palace

Caspia Plateau, the main attraction.

At the very center of the complex is Caspia Plateau, a large castle that overlooks the entire stadium complex, and acts as the main battle arena for those who make it to the Victory Tournament. In addition, the palace is home to Hora's Elite Four and serves as the location in which the winner of the Caspia Conference battles the Elite Four and the Champion at the conclusion of the Conference.

Battle Arena Complex Edit

A complex of assorted stadiums dot the outside of Caspia Plateau, remaining in the center of the stadium complex. The Qualifying Rounds of the Caspia Conference are held in one of these larger stadiums, while the Preliminaries are held at different fields, depending on the random match-ups of the tournament's computer systems. These fields vary by type, much like they do at Indigo Plateau, with the following as settings for the arenas; Rock, Grass, Water, and Ice.

Trainer's Village Edit

Caspia Trainer's Village

One of the many Trainer's Villages.

Located throughout the complex are several "trainer villages", which serve to house competing trainers and their companions. These are arranged in small villages, of between five to ten huts each. Trainers are assigned a village and a hut at the moment of their registration for the Caspia Conference competition. Transportation to and from the villages are also provided if a trainer so desires to use it. Shops are also occasionally located in the villages, but the majority are located in the main complex near the battle arenas.

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