くろさき Kurosaki
Celine the Dark Trainer
Gender Female
Eye color Black
Hair color Black
Hometown Safflower City
Region Hora
Relatives Unknown parents, Lorraine
Trainer class Gym Leader
Specializes in Dark

Celine (くろさき Kurosaki) is a Dark-type Specialist Trainer, and a Pokémon Coordinator. She is the twin sister of Lorraine. She is Jason Reid's second contest rival, after Silus.

Synopsis Edit

On the Wiki Edit

Celine is the older twin sister of Lorraine, the Gym Leader of Safflower City. Unlike her sister, she showed no interest in Water-type Pokémon, or in the family's Gym. She began to grow very fond of Dark-types, her favorite being her Houndoom. She is known for being skilled in creating 3-D "holograms" that can be felt, similar to the Mirage Pokémon created by Dr. Yung, and she uses these effects in Contests. She also has an interest in the Mirage Pokémon, and is known to be searching for the good doctor.

Unlike her sister, who prefers regular Pokémon battles, Celine prefers Pokémon Contests, as she loves the opportunities to show off her Pokémon. Her attitude when she first started contests was alot like that of Jessie's. Overconfident, and quick to put down other Coordinators. Now, however, she refrains from this as best she can, complimenting others when they're appeals are good. Her appearances on the wiki are as follows:

Equipment Edit

Portable 3-D Hologram Projectors: Devices desigined to take the form of her hair decorations, Celine takes them with her where she goes. With them she can create 3-D "holograms" much like Mirage Pokémon as they seem to be made of matter, not light. These are useful, as she can create many different things with them, varying from beds that she can sleep in, to special effects like water and electricity. Due to this, she doesn't "rough it" like other Trainers do on their journey.

Pokédex BW

Celine's Pokédex

Pokédex (Japanese: ポケモン図鑑 illustrated Pokémon encyclopedia): Celine possesses a Pokédex, however, hers was not recieved from Professor Changi. She recieved hers directly from Gelel Inc., the company that creates Pokédexes for the Professor. Hers is the standard Hora model.

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At the Gym Edit

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