コール Kōru
Age 13
Gender Male
Birth date May 5th
Region Hora
Trainer class Pokémon Trainer

Cole (コール, Kōru) is a veteran Trainer from the Kanto Region who is currently seeking to become a Top Coordinator in Hora. During his time in Kanto, he was known as The Son of Fire (火の子, Hi no Ko) as his father is Blaine a Fire-Type Gym Leader.

Personality Edit

Naturally calm and quite cool, Cole always has a serene and simple smile upon his face. Choosing to follow the simpler life, Cole does his best to avoid stress and doesn't anger quickly. He approaches all situations calmly, enough to keep a level head even when he is losing. His father remarks him as being "not to hot under the collar", something that Cole is proud that he is not.

Cole has shown to have a fierce hatred towards that of Team Rocket, to the point where he would attack any visible member in a moments notice. He calls them "Scum" and "Trash", making Team Rocket one of the few things in the world that could push him past his boiling point.

Appearance Edit

A tall young man, Cole has messy jet-black hair and violet colored eyes. His left eye is covered in bandages for unknown reasons. For comfortable traveling reasons, Cole wears very simplistic clothing consisting of a purple kimono with several golden Whiscash designs along it. Cole is nearly always seen with his thin brown pipe in his mouth. Cole is often distinguished by the bored look on his face, something he hates when people point out.

Pokémon Edit

On Hand Edit

A list of Pokémon Cole has on hand;

Cole's Flareon
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