Cole's Flareon
コールのブースター Kōru no Booster
Bag Poké Ball Sprite
Cole's Flareon
Cole's Flareon
Debuts in Pokémon Contest in Hora, Cole's First Step
Caught at Unknown
Gender Male
Ability Flash Fire
Guts (hidden)
Current location With Cole
This Pokémon has not evolved.
Voice actor Japanese English
As Flareon None

Cole's Flareon is Cole's main pokémon, given to him by his father before his journey in the Kanto region. Since Cole's arrival in the Hora region, Flareon has become his main contest pokémon as he is capable of graceful movements and beautiful techniques. Even in a flash back, Flareon has never shown to be in the form of an Eevee hinting at is possible age.

History Edit

Before Cole started his journey in Kanto, he was given Flareon to him by his father Blaine. Flareon proved to be a formidable pokémon, capable of taking down the eight gym leaders in Kanto. Participating in the Indigo League, Cole would make his way home for some deserved rest. On his way, he would meet Lance whom Cole would challenge to battle. Flareon was unable to take on Lance's partner, Dragonite leaving a strong impact on Cole. Flareon would strive to become a stronger pokémon, capable of fighting alongside and winning with Cole. Deciding not to participate in the Indigo League, against the Elite Four, Cole would return to Cinnabar Island and work under his father for a few years. Flareon over the time would become quite lazy and more of a house cat.

One day, Cole decided that he could no longer live the simple life and decided to head out to another region. During his down time, Cole became interested in Pokémon Contests and with Flareon the two would strive to be the Top Coordinators in Hora.

Physiology Edit

Out of the seven known Eeveelutions, Flareon bears the closest resemblance to Eevee (Its shiny sprite looks even more like Eevee, just larger and with much more fur). Flareon's body is covered in red fur. Flareon has a large, bushy tail, fluffy collar and a tuft of fur on its head; all of which are yellow. The paw pads on its feet are also yellow. Flareon has a very high internal body temperature.

Abilities Edit

Flareon is a skilled fighter and a graceful contest participant. Shown to have an array of Fire-type moves and other movies, Flareon has years of training behind it. Trained specifically by Blaine and later Cole, Flareon has shown to have a connection with these two that allows him to become a stronger battler.

Flareon has shown to have the ability Flash Fire that powers up Fire-type moves if hit by fire. This ability makes the user immune to Fire-type damage and when hit by a Fire-type move, Flash Fire will be activated. While subsequent hits by Fire-type moves will not provide a further increase in the damage of Fire-type attacks, it will still not take any damage. This ability is not activated by the burned status unless it is caused by a move which is Fire-type. Flash Fire is not active while the user is frozen.

Moves Edit

Move First Used In
Ember Round Two Begins, Flareon's Fury
Fire Fang Round Two Begins, Flareon's Fury
Quick Attack Round Two Begins, Flareon's Fury
Will-O-Wisp Pokémon Contest in Hora, Cole's First Step
Protect Pokémon Contest in Hora, Cole's First Step
Lava Plume Round Two Begins, Flareon's Fury
A shows that the move was used recently, unless all moves fit this case.

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