Dahlia Gym
ダリヤジム Dariya Gym
Dahlia City Gym
Location Dahlia City
Gym Leader Ryan
Badge Draco Badge
Dominant Type Dragon
Region Hora
Dahlia City Gym Arena

The Dahlia Gym (ダリヤジム, Dariya Gym) is the official gym of Dahlia City. At some point prior to Ryan's leadership, it was based on Dragon-type Pokémon. Since his taking over, however, the gym focuses on no specific type. The Gym Leader is Ryan. Trainers who defeat him receive their Draco Badge.

Design Edit

The outside of the Dahlia Gym appears to be very similar to a Pokémon Center, with a domed roof and a giant letter "P" attached to it. The inside contains multiple rooms for the Gym Trainers to train in, as well as a few rooms made for Pokémon only.

There are two stadiums used for fighting in the gym; a plain one in the upper chamber, and the main battle arena located behind the gym. The plain arena is used for training as well as serving as a location for a gym challenger to challenge the gym trainers. It is located directly below the domed roof of the gym which can open up to allow for areal battles. The floor of the arena can also open, revealing a pool for water-based fights.

The second arena takes on the appearance of a small colosseum, and is located behind the gym out over the ocean's waters. It serves as the location where a challenger will face the Gym Leader himself.

Specialization Edit

The Dahlia Gym formally specialized in Dragon-type Pokémon, though trainers who trained here, including the former leader himself, would use Pokémon that look like dragons, such as Charizard, as well. Since Ryan took over, the Gym has not focused on any particular type.

Trivia Edit

  • It is the second Gym to be a Dragon-type, as well as being the second Eighth Gym to be Dragon-type.