208px-HeartGold SoulSilver Silver
Age 16
Birthday Septmember 9th
Gender Male
Eye color Silver
Hair color Red
Trainer Status
Trainer Class Pokemon Trainer
League Badges Hora League (0)
Ribbons Earned Hora (0)
Frontier Symbols N/A
Current League Hora
Previous League(s) N/A
Travel Partner(s) N/A
Previous Travel Partner(s) N/A
Starter Pokémon Damien's Treecko
Personal Status
Hometown Eden Town
Current Residence None
First Appearance
Story Debut ADL01
Damien Is A Pokemon Trainer From Eden Town In The Hora Region Starting His Journey To Become Champion. He Is This User Incarnation Of His In Game Character. He is the Main Character of Pokémon - A Dreamer's Legacy. Damien is a Pokédex holder, dubbed as "The Hatcher" due to his ability to raise and hatch Pokemon Eggs.




Damien is a competitive young trainer who is always willing to battle. He challenges both Pokemon Gyms and Pokemon Contests, he views both as opportunities to make his bonds with his Pokemon stronger. He views Pokemon neither as friends nor allies, he views them as family due to being around them all his life. He doesn't care if his pokemon are strong or weak nor does he have a favorite type of Pokemon However he admittedly stated he has a slight preference towards Dark-Type Pokemon though he doesn't favor dark-types over other Pokemon. He hates trainers abuse their pokemon or releases them because their to weak. Damien believes that the most important things to trainers are friends and dreams. If Someone Does something to Hurt someones Dream in front of him he will do whatever he can to restore that person's faith in their dream. He is very excitable especially when he sees a Pokemon that interests him or encounters a strong trainer and when that happens he will go to great lengths to battle that trainer or catch that Pokemon. He has been described to have passionate eyes that wont lose sight of a goal once they set it. He is willing to risk his life for the sake of his dream.


Expert Tactician: Damien has been noted to be unpredictable when it comes to battling. He is able to come up alternate ways of using moves as well as combing moves that you wouldn't expect to be used together. He also has been known to use his Pokemon`s natural abilities to their advantage such as using Treecko`s ability for climbing to launch an attack from the roof.

Hatching Master: Damien due to his upbringing around Pokemon he has been able to bring out a newborn Pokemon`s Hidden Potential.


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