Damien's Cyndaquil
Damien's Cyndaquil
Gender Male
Caught at Freesia Town
Type Fire
Ability Blaze
Pokémon Information
Current Location With Damien
Evolution Spent 2 Episodes as Egg
Original Trainer Damien
First Appearance
Story Debut ADL03

Damien's Cyndaquil, is a Fire-type Pokémon and was Damien's 3rd Pokemon obtained in the Hora region, which he received from an Egg.

Personality Edit

Cyndaquil due to being Hatched by Damien has taken some traits such as being very excittable. When Cyndaquil gets excited he turns up the flames on his back usually burns anybody around him. He Also tends get Timid when facing very strong opponents due to his species nature. Due to being hatched by him Cyndaquil is very loyal to Damien and gets angry when someone does something to him which leads to conflicts when Treecko hits Damien. Cyndaquil do to being a newborn can be very naive and gullible at times.

Biology Edit

Cyndaquil is a small, bipedal Pokémon with bluish fur on top of its body, and a milky color on the underside. Cyndaquil seems to be a composite of features from the echidna and the shrew. The echidna features are the flames from its back, while its general body shape is shrew-like. Its eyes are often closed and it has a long, thin snout. It lacks claws on its forelimbs, but has a single claw on each hind foot

Abilites Edit

Cyndaquil Has access to the ability known as Blaze which allows it to increase the power of grass type moves by 1.5x if Cyndaquil has 33% of maximum hp left or less.

Moves Edit

Cyndaquil Flamethrower
Cyndaquil Using Flamethrower.
Move First Used In
Flamethrower  Unknown
Quick Attack  Unknown
Extrasensory  Unknown
Flame Wheel  Unknown

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