Damien's Taillow
Damien`s Taillow
Gender Female
Caught at Hora Route 1
Type Normal/Flying
Ability Guts
Pokémon Information
Current Location With Damien
Original Trainer Damien
First Appearance
Story Debut ADL02

Damien's Taillow is a Normal/Flying Type Pokémon and is also the first Pokémon that Damien catches in the Hora Region.

Synopsis Edit

Personality Edit

Taillow is very determined and passionate Pokemon, She will battle larger and stronger opponents without backing down. She has been noted to have a similar personality to her trainer this allows her to understand some of Damien crazier strategies with ease.

Biology Edit

Taillow is a small bird Pokémon with dark blue feathers and patches of red on its chest and forehead. The patch on its forehead has a triangular upper tip. It has narrow brown eyes and a short yellow beak. It has elongated wingtips, and the underside of the wings is white. It has two sharp tail feathers, and its black feet have yellow claws.

Abilites Edit

Taillow has access to the ability known as Guts which boosts her attack power by 50% if Taillow is inflicted with a status condition such as Burn, Paralysis,Poison and Sleep. Also Taillow's attack doesn't get reduced from Burn.

Moves Edit

Taillow Double Team
Taillow Using Double Team.
Move First Used In
Wing Attack  Unknown
Quick Attack  Unknown
Double Team  Unknown
Peck  Unknown

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