Damien's Treecko
Ash Treecko
Gender Male
Caught at Eden Town
Type Grass
Ability Overgrow
Pokémon Information
Current Location With Damien
Original Trainer Damien
First Appearance

Damien's Treecko, is a Grass-type Pokémon and was Damien's starter Pokémon, which he received from Professor Changi.

Synopsis Edit

Personality Edit

Treecko is a friendly pokemon like most of the starter Pokemon however he also has a stuborn streak so it took a while for Treecko to fully accept Damien as his trainer however when he did he became very loyal to Damien and does his best to make Damien proud, however when damien says or does something Treecko doesnt agree with he makes his opinon known. In battle he makes his stuborn streak fully known. He refuses to give up even when the odds are stacked against him and rather lose then be switched out. Occasionally he can be seen with a twig in his mouth, its unknown why he does this.

Biology Edit

Treecko is a small, green, bipedal reptilian Pokémon. It has yellow eyes with long, narrow pupils. Treecko's hands and feet each have three digits covered with tiny spikes. These spikes allow it to scale vertical walls with ease. Its stomach and throat are red. It also has a line across on its stomach resembling a pouch. Treecko has a large, dark green tail with two separate lobes that it uses to sense humidity. This ability allows it to predict the next day's weather.

Abilities Edit

Treecko Has access to the ability known as Overgrow which allows it to increase the power of grass type moves by 1.5x if Treecko has 33% of maximum hp left or less

Moves Edit

Bullet Seed Anime
Treecko Using Bullet Seed.
Move First Used In
Bullet Seed  Unknown
Quick Attack  Unknown
Pound  Unknown
Mega Drain  Unknown

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