ダンシュ Danshu
Gender Male
Eye color Brown
Hair color Dark brown
Hometown Lavender Town
Region Kanto
Trainer class Trainer

Daniel was a pokémon trainer from Lavender Town who traveled to Hora for adventure. His parents worked at the Pokémon Tower, so Daniel was acquainted with Mr. Fuji through visits to the tower with his parents. Daniel appeared to be highly interested in the Saika cultural rush, though often did a poor job in masking his interest.

He aspired to create a world of harmony between humans and pokémon, and recognized the influence of the pokémon champion. However, Daniel had no interest in becoming the region champion: he hoped to gather enough money to start a volunteer organization geared towards promoting unity in the pokémon world.

Biography Edit

As the son of caretakers of the Pokémon Tower, Daniel's initial outlook on the world was largely negative. He was often troubled by the frequency at which pokémon were brought to the tower, from depressed trainers and owners. Daniel gradually grew acquainted with a Gastly that resided within the Tower. The two grew to be close friends, as Daniel struggled to befriend other people. When Daniel decided to leave Lavender Town to go on a journey, he did so with Gastly as his companion.

Personality and traits Edit

Due to his upbringing, Daniel can be seen as a pessimistic individual. However, he does not mean to give others a negative impression of himself. Unlike many trainers, Daniel has no interest in becoming the Pokémon Master. Instead, he wants to obtain a reputation for himself in order to begin a volunteer organization to promote harmony between humans and pokémon.

Daniel is surprisingly athletic for his age, allowing him to perform stunts that other people may think to be impossible. However, his athleticism caused Daniel to have a rather high metabolism and a large appetite. He frequently complains of hunger, due to this.

Pokémon Edit


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