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"What an uncanny resemblance... It's surprising to meet another Trainer who has intense eyes like her. What's your name?"
—Cynthia speaking about Dawn to another trainer
Age early-to-mid 20s
Gender Female
Eye color Blue
Hair color Blue
Trainer Status
Trainer Class Champion
Pokémon Coordinator
League Badges Sinnoh League (8)
Ribbons Earned Sinnoh
Current League None
Previous League(s) Sinnoh League
Starter Pokémon Dawn's Empoleon
Personal Status
Relatives Johanna (Mother)
Hometown Twinleaf Town
First Appearance
Story Debut Scramble at the Pokémon Research Institute!! (mentioned)
Darkest Before The Dawn!  (proper debut)

Dawn (ヒカリ Hikari) is a Pokémon Trainer who hails from Twinleaf Town in the Sinnoh region. She is the daughter of Johanna, a Pokémon Coordinator, and competes in both official Pokémon League competitions around the world, as well as Pokémon Contests. She is the current Champion of the Sinnoh Pokémon League, having defeated Cynthia for the title several years in the past.

Appearance Edit

Dawn is a young woman of petite stature; possessing long blue hair that frames each side of her face—parted in the middle, along with several clumps of hair focused on her forehead. The curtains do indeed match the window here—her eyes are akin to sapphires, just like her hair.

For attire, Dawn wears a black top that covers everything up to the neckline and exposes her midriff; with a pink vest covering this to keep her slightly more warm. For lower clothing, Dawn's legs are covered by black yoga pants held up with a flashy looking belt—finishing her attire is a pair of black shoes. 



Dawn began her journey when she was a child, living in Twinleaf Town with her mother. Dreaming big, even as a child, she set out with her friend Barry, to visit Professor Rowan, a Pokémon Researcher from a town over. She received her first Pokémon, Piplup, from the Professor when he realises the dedication she and Barry have, willing to travel to Sandgem Town despite lacking any Pokémon.

During the course of Dawn's journey, collecting badges to compete in the Pokémon League, as well as Ribbons so she could further her ambitions to compete in the Sinnoh Grand Festival, Dawn has many conflicts with the insane Team Galactic and its leader, Cyrus. Making it her mission to stop them, she eventually gains a bond with the Pokémon of the Lake, particularly Mesprit, the resident Lake Guardian of Lake Verity, which is near her home. She encountered Cynthia, the Sinnoh League Champion, along the way, and the woman took a particular interest in the girl, seeming intent on grooming her into a powerful challenger.

Everything culminated when Dawn confronted Cyrus at Spear Pillar, where he summoned Dialga and Palkia through the Red Chain. Angered at the disruption, Giratina made it's presence known, dragging Cyrus into the Distortion World, and Dawn and Cynthia quickly followed after it, making their way through the strange dimension with the help of the Lake Pokémon. Confronting Cyrus one last time, Dawn defeated him with the efforts of her Pokémon, and then proceeded to battle and capture Giratina, calming it's rage.

As her final test, she made her way to the Pokémon League, defeating her opponents and ensuring her spot in the finals, defeating her final opponent, which gave her a chance to battle the Elite Four of the Sinnoh Region. Dawn proved to be a worthy opponent, and defeated the Elite Four as well, and finally had her match against the Champion, Cynthia. The woman proved to Dawn's toughest opponent yet, and the battle was truly difficult, wiring down to one remaining Pokémon for each, however, Dawn secured both victory, and her spot as the Sinnoh League Champion. It was the spirit she showed not only in the Pokémon League but against Team Galatic that led to Cynthia eventually taking Dawn on as her apprentice of sorts, giving the girl special training to mold her into a worthy Champion.

Synopsis Edit

Pokémon — Songs of Victory Edit

Equipment Edit

Bag (Japanese: バッグ bag): Like nearly all traveling trainers, Dawn carries a bag.

Pokedex Pt Fem

Dawn's Pokédex

Pokédex (Japanese: ポケモン図鑑 illustrated Pokémon encyclopedia): A digital encyclopedia created originally by Professor Oak, the concept was shared with multiple researchers across the world, who began to manufacture these and give them to select individuals. Dawn received hers from Professor Rowan as a ten-year old child, tasked to help him with his Pokémon Research by recording as many Pokémon as she could into the device. As an adult, she rarely uses the Pokédex except with new Pokémon she has never seen before, as her many years of experience as a trainer, and tutelage from Cynthia, have given Dawn a vast array of knowledge about Pokémon that can rival several researchers.

Pokémon Edit

On Hand Edit

Empoleon Eyana
Main article: Dawn's Empoleon

Dawn's Empoleon's is one of her strongest battling Pokémon, as well as the starting Pokémon she received from Professor Rowan over ten years ago. Empoleon, due to the difficulty with which it's trust was earned, is Dawn's closest Pokémon and one of her best friends, and it is extremely loyal to her.

Its known moves are Hydro Cannon, Drill Peck, and Metal Claw.

Debut Unknown
Dawn's Garchomp
Main article: Dawn's Garchomp

Garchomp is one of Dawn's main battling Pokémon, heralded for it's immense powers. She uses it in every official League Competition, and it has never lost a single battle.

Its only known move is Dragon Rush.

Debut Three-on-Three! Jason and Silus, Together Again!
Dawn Dusknoir
Dusknoir is one of Dawn's Pokémon and a main battler, used often in battles against league challengers as well as in official Pokémon Contests, where she makes creative use of it's psychic powers.

Its only known move is Psychic.

Debut Darkest Before The Dawn!
Dawn Abomasnow
Abomasnow is one of Dawn's Pokémon used against challengers.

None of its moves are known.

Debut Unknown
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Dawn Yanmega
Yanmega is one of Dawn's Pokémon used against challengers.

None of its moves are known.

Debut Unknown
Dawn Zorua
Main article: Dawn's Zorua

Zorua is a Pokémon Dawn recently caught. Assumed to be young, perhaps still in infant stages, it clings to Dawn like a baby would do its mother. Due to it's young age, she doesn't use it to battle, and it usually rides on her shoulder or head.

None of its moves are known.

Debut Darkest Before The Dawn!

In the Distortion World Edit

Giratina Altered Forme anime

Giratina Origin Forme anime
Giratina is a legendary Pokémon known to be responsible for guarding the Distortion World. Dawn encountered Giratina during her earlier adventures as a child, when it arrived in a rage at Spear Pillar and dragged Cyrus into it's own dimension. Travelling into the dimension with her mentor, Cynthia, Dawn confronted Giratina, and, earning it's respect in a battle, caught the legendary Pokémon. As an adult, she still talks about the Pokémon as if she still possesses it, and mentions she can call on it at any time she pleases, but it currently resides within Distortion World, and only leaves when Dawn requires it's assistance. It is not a Pokémon Dawn uses against challengers in the Pokémon League, unless specifically requested.

Its known moves are Shadow Force, Aura Sphere, and Dragon Tail.

Debut To Be Announced

Befriended Edit

Dawn Mesprit
During her confrontation with Team Galactic, Dawn encountered the Lake Trio during her travels, and saved them from Team Galactic's machine when they were captured by Saturn. The Lake Trio then proceeded to help Dawn navigate the Reverse World with Cynthia. Due to her hometown being so close to Lake Verity, Dawn has a special connection to Mesprit, the spirit of the lake, and it seems to have taken a special interest in her. Upon the request of Rowan, Dawn was requested to capture it for the Pokédex, however, it proceeded to flee, and travels around the Sinnoh Region, as if challenging Dawn to catch it. One of her goals is to capture Mesprit, however, it always manages to elude her.

None of Mesprit's moves are known.

Debut Unknown

Azelf anime
During her confrontation with Team Galactic, Dawn encountered the Lake Trio during her travels, and saved them from Team Galactic's machine when they were captured by Saturn. The Lake Trio then proceeded to help Dawn navigate the Reverse World with Cynthia.

None of Azelf's moves are known.

Debut Unknown

Uxie anime
During her confrontation with Team Galactic, Dawn encountered the Lake Trio during her travels, and saved them from Team Galactic's machine when they were captured by Saturn. The Lake Trio then proceeded to help Dawn navigate the Reverse World with Cynthia.

None of Uxie's moves are known.

Debut Unknown


Artwork Edit

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  • "Effort in battle is a representation of the love between the Trainer and their Pokémon."
  • "No trainer's journey is meant to be easy. There will be obstacles ahead; difficulties you have to overcome if you want to continue and realise your dreams. You must embrace pain, and burn it as fuel for your journey."

Trivia Edit

  • Dawn follows the history of the Dawn from Pokémon Platinum.
  • Dawn is the first known Champion to own a Legendary Pokémon, however, she is not the first known member of a battle related facility to do this, as it seems to be common practice for Frontier Brain's to capture legendary Pokémon, most notably the Pyramid King Brandon, who uses the entire Regi Trio.
  • Dawn's battle theme is a remix of the final boss theme in the original Mystery Dungeon.

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