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Wally Edit

Petalburg City. Her first main stop on her way to getting all Hoenn badges. She knew there was a Gym here, shaking off some intrusive boy who had insisted on showing her the Gym. Insisted was perhaps too light a word, she had to threaten to call the police before he ran off. The first thing she had done when she got into town was eat at the local Pokémon Center. The second thing she did...was run to avoid paying the check. Now that everyone had stopped looking for her, she felt safe to the approach the Gym.

She looked at the sign in front of the Gym. It read:

"Petalburg Gym. Gym Leader Norman. A man in pursuit of power!"

Frightening title indeed. She opened the door to the Gym, walking into what looked like an old fashioned dojo. She cleared her throat.

"I challenged yoooooooouuuu!!!!"

Silence. Not a good way to start off. Was the Leader out? Before she had much time left to think about this, the door opened again, and a young boy with faded green hair and a plain collared white shirt with green pants entered the room. He looked like he'd just run a mile.

"I-is the Leader here?" He asked, holding a stitch in his side has he tried to catch his breath. Alice looked over at him, concerned. "Um..I'm not sure actually, I just got here. Are you alright?"

"I'm fine, don't mind me." He replied, standing up straight after another minute of labored breathing.

They decided to go deeper into the Gym, to see if the Leader was there and just couldn't hear them. They passed through several rooms with different labels, before entering a room labeled "Gym Leader's room! Enter and see what Pokémon await you!" They saw a man sitting crosslegged on the tatami mat floor, appearing to be meditating.

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