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Elli's Raikou
エリーのライコウ Erī no Raikou
Bag Poké Ball Sprite
Elli's Raikou
Elli's Raikou
Debuts in None
Caught at Unknown
Gender Genderless
Ability Pressure, Volt Absorb
Current location With Elli
This Pokémon has not evolved.
Voice actor Japanese English
As Raikou None

Elli's Raikou (エリーライコウ, Erī's Raikou) is Elli's first and only legendary pokemon.

Biology Edit

Raikou is a yellow tiger-like creature with black stripes that resemble lightning bolts and a white under-side. Raikou has a skinny, light-blue tail with a star-shaped formation at the end. Raikou appears to have a purple cape that is supposedly made of thunderclouds. Most of Raikou's face is white with a light-blue "X" on its face and a gray crest on its forehead. Raikou has red eyes and long fangs in its upper jaws that make its appearance similar to the sabre-tooth cat.

History Edit

This Raikou was originally from somewhere else, somehow finding its way to Moonlight Province. There, it stayed inside the Lighthouse. It had made such commotion to the citizens that they called the lighthouse, The Spear of the Thundergod. Raikou had made it its territory, although it does not permanently live there, this is the place where it can be seen. When Elli began her journey, she first went away from her province, seeing an arc of lightning bolt hit the tip of the lighthouse in the middle of a sunny noon, after some time, she finally returned and the strange lights and electricity once again got her attention, she went inside the lighthouse with sheer difficulty, at last at the peak she was in luck to see Raikou who had just arrived to rest once more. Taking the chance she challenged Raikou, after a long grueling battle, she caught Raikou with her Espeon seriously injured and she herself suffered burns from electricity. Since then she trained Raikou, but at first she could not handle it. After an incident on top of Padova Mountain, she could finally control Raikou. Most of the time, she lets Raikou roam, as it hates to be inside its Pokeball.

Abilities & traits Edit

Moves Edit

Move First Used In
Shadow Ball Unknown
Aura Sphere Unknown
Thunder Unknown
Zap Cannon Unknown
Thunderbolt Unknown
Thunder Fang Unknown
ExtremeSpeed Unknown
Discharge Unknown
Weather Ball Unknown
Rain Dance Unknown
Giga Impact Unknown
Hyperbeam Unknown
Flash Unknown
Double Team Unknown
A shows that the move was used recently, unless all moves fit this case.