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Age 11
Birthday July 21
Gender Female
Trainer Status
Trainer Class Pokémon Trainer
League Badges N/A
Ribbons Earned N/A
Frontier Symbols N/A
Travel Partner(s) Ferdinand Trotter
Starter Pokémon Smoochum
Personal Status
Hometown Crocus City
Current Residence Traveling
First Appearance
Story Debut Wherever the Wind Takes Me

Emma (エンマ, Enma) is a girl from Crocus City who becomes a traveling partner of Ferdinand Trotter, accompanying him on his adventures throughout the Hora region. They originally met in Wherever the Wind Takes Me and began traveling together in the same episode. 

The daughter of a wealthy businessman, Emma was not allowed by her parents to go on a Pokémon journey because of the potential risk - her father having made numerous enemies during his career such as mob boss Randy Salvaggi. Craving adventure, Emma ran away from home against her parent's wishes. She is infatuated with "cute" Pokémon and aspires to persuade Ferdinand to give her his Jigglypuff - her primary reasoning for following him around.


Emma is a young girl with long brown hair worn into pig-tails. She has slightly tanned skin and medium brown eyes. A girl born into a wealthy lifestyle, Emma is prone to dressing fancy - even while on the road. Her regular outfit consists of a white short-sleeved polo shirt with brown and yellow trimming along the edges of the sleeves and a collar of the same coloration. As legwear she dons a brown skirt of suitable length, black knee-length socks, and a pair of dark brown loafers as her footwear.





On HandEdit



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