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Eyana's Torterra
河原のドダイトス Kawara no Dodaitose
Bag Poké Ball Sprite
800px-Eyana Torterra
Debuts in ???!
Caught at Sinnoh
Evolves in Prior to ???
Prior to ???
Gender Unknown
Ability Unknown
Current location With Eyana
Ani387MS Ani388OD Ani389OD
This Pokémon spent an unknown number of episodes as Turtwig and an unknown number of episodes as Grotle.
Voice actor Japanese English
As Turtwig None  ???]
As Grotle None
As Torterra  ???  ???]

Eyana's Torterra (河原のドダイトス Kawara's Dodaitose) is a powerful Pokémon belonging to the Theater Barroness Eyana.

Physiology Edit

Torterra possess a giant, flat-looking shell that resembles those of the ankylosaurs. Upon this shell rests a single, oak-like tree and three triangular, gray-colored stony extensions resembling mountain peaks; as opposed to the two bushes on Grotle's back. The shell also has a patterning of brown, resembling soil, next to the tree, and a white rim that forms a continuation on the front of the shell, the feature most resembling a baseball diamond. Torterra’s shell is most likely the basis of their classification as the Continent Pokémon, befitting not only for their shell's appearance, but also for the size of Torterra's actual body, which is bulky and seem to be too big for their shells. Their bulk gives them a sufficient amount of protection from foes. The upper portions of Torterra’s body and its lower jaw are green, and they bear two large spikes, like the ones on their shell, that jut out of the sides of their heads making it look somewhat like an Ankylosaurus. Torterra's eyes are intimidating, encircled by a black ring and bearing small red pupils. Their mouth is jagged and at the end of their snout is a dark brown beak, giving them the appearance of a snapping turtle. Their thick, tree trunk-like legs are massive and powerful in order to hold up their enormous, heavy bodies. They bear four toes on each of their legs, which appear as if they are actually jagged stones, with three in the front and one on the heel.

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