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グレー Gurē
Gender Male
Birth date October 4
Eye color Blue
Hair color Goldish-Gray
Hometown Lavender Town
Region Kanto
Trainer class
Generation Gen II-V
Games All

Gray, is a pokémon trainer originating from Lavander Town in the region of Kanto. Gray now travels to Hora, aiming for the Hora League.

Biography Edit

Gray was born in Lavander Town in the Kanto region, he then moved to Jhoto because of his father's job. He received his first pokemon, a Cyndaquil from Professor Elm in New Back Town. He traveled all over Jhoto and getting badges at a time. During his first conference, he failed to win the championship, only ranking 4th in the league. He then returned to Kanto, and there, he visited his old house in Lavander Town, he decided to start yet another journey, with only his Quilava on his side. He visited Professor Oak and there, he gained Bulbasaur. Again, he gained badges, and along the way, Quilava evolved into Typhlosion, and Bulbasaur evolved into an Ivysaur. He entered Kanto league and there he ranked 2nd. He went to Hoenn in hopes of being a Pokemon Champion, there Professor Birch gave him a Mudkip. He travelled along Hoenn and defeated gym leaders, finally, in the Hoenn League, he was champion. He soon gave a try to the Sinnoh region, and unfortunately, he was unable to compete in the Sinnoh League, despite having all badges. He went to Unova region, and there he successfully gained all the badges 2 months earlier for the League. After training he competed in the league, winning 2nd Place.

Personality and traits Edit

Gray is a serious trainer and very strict about training his Pokemon, but he is also kind and caring for them. Gray has a habit of leaving all his fully-evolved Pokemons behind, and use his other Pokemons in his journey, on special cases, like with his Dragonair, his Combusken and his Grotle, which he left to people for reasons. He aims to get all of his Pokemon into its best and most Powerful form.

Pokémon Edit

On Hand Edit

Gray's Janovy
Snivy → Servine
Gray's Charmeleon
Charmander → Charmeleon
Gray's Oshawott
Gray's Riolu
egg → Riolu

With Professor Oak Edit

Gray's Venusaur
Bulbasaur → Ivysaur → Venusaur
Gray's Typhlosion
Cyndaquil → Quilava → Typhlosion
Gray's Empoleon
Piplup → Prinplup → Empoleon
Gray's Swampert
Mudkip → Marshtomp → Swampert

With Professor Elm Edit

Gray's Feraligatr
Totodile → Croconaw → Feraligatr
Gray's Dragonair
Dratini → Dragonair
Gray's Grotle
Turtwig → Grotle
Gray's Tyranitar
Larvitar → Pupitar → Tyranitar

At Home Edit

Gray's Meganium
Chikorita → Bayleef → Meganium
Gray's Combusken
Torchic → Combusken

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