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Age 51
Gender Male
Eye color Brown
Hair color White
Trainer Status
Trainer Class Veteran
League Badges Hora League (?)
Hoenn League (8)
Current League Hora League
Previous League(s) Hoenn League
Personal Status
Hometown Lavaridge Town
Current Residence None
First Appearance
Story Debut The Super Punchy Pokémon!

Harlan (トモゾウ, Tomozō) is a traveling Pokémon trainer from Lavaridge Town in the Hoenn region.

Background Edit

Harlan was previously a member of a Fighting-type Pokémon dojo in the Hoenn region's town of Lavaridge. Regretting that he'd never been on a Pokémon journey, like most young trainers, Harlan left Lavaridge when he was forty-five to conquer the Hoenn League. Harlan earned all eight badges, and competed in the Lily of the Valley Conference in Evergrande City. Where he placed in the tournament is unknown.

In The Super Punchy Pokémon!, it is revealed that he is currently traveling the Hora region, in hopes of gathering Hora's badges. He stops in Phlox Town to compete in the P1 Grand Prix.

Pokémon Edit

This is a listing of Harlan's known Pokémon;

On hand Edit

Harlan Exploud
Exploud is Harlan's main Pokémon, which he has raised from a very young age, as a Whismur. Though it is not a Fighting-type Pokémon, Harlan commonly uses it in Fighting-type competitions; for one, due to the shock-factor that comes from using a Normal-type in a Fighting-type setting, and also for the fact that Exploud was raised around other Fighting Pokémon in the dojo in Lavaridge Town.

Its known moves are Hyper Voice, Focus Blast, Rock Smash, and Supersonic.

Debut The Super Punchy Pokémon!

At the Dojo Edit

Harlan Machoke
Harlan also owns a Machoke, which he left home at Lavaridge Town dojo to train.

Its moves are unknown at the moment..

Debut Unknown

Competitions Edit

Hoenn League Edit

Hora League Edit

Appearances Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Harlan was named after "Veteran Harlan", an NPC (Non-Player Character) trainer from Pokémon Diamond and Pearl, residing on Stark Mountain.
    • Like the game Harlan, he possessed a Loudred, though this incarnation's evolved into Exploud.

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