The Hora League (洞地方リーグ, Hora rigu) is the regional Pokémon League of the Hora region. Like every region before it, it consists of a network of eight gyms, followed by an annual competition called the Caspia Conference. The winner of the conference goes on to face the Elite Four and then the Champion himself.

Pokémon Trainers who gain all eight badges from the official Hora region Gym Leaders, listed below, are then qualified to enter the Caspia Conference.

The conference itself is held in Caspia City, Victory Road, and the Caspia Conference Stadium.

Gym Leaders Edit

Image Name Location Type Badge
Axel & Lexa vs Axel & Lexa Gardenia Town Normal
Stinger Badge
Stinger Badge
Cable vs Cable Monkshood Town Electric
Bolt Badge
Bolt Badge
Vinnette vs Vinette Diadem City Grass
Oak Badge New
Oak Badge
Lorraine vs Lorraine Safflower City Water
Arcardia Badge
Arcadia Badge
Ember vs Ember Telstar City Fire
Torch Badge New
Torch Badge
Selene vs Selene Watsonia City Dark
Void Badge New
Void Badge
Cleo vs Cleo Aster Town Psychic
Aura Badge
Aura Badge
RyanOpeningSprite Ryan Dahlia City Dragon
Draco Badge New
Draco Badge

Additional badges Edit

Aside from these eight, there appear to be other Hora Pokémon Gyms officiated by the Pokémon League that would allow one entrance into the Caspia Conference. Where these gyms are, their Leaders, and the types they specialize in are unknown as of this point.

Image Name Gym Location Type Specialty Badge Awarded
Rose Rose Indigo Town Ice
Midnight Badge
Midnight Badge

Elite Four Edit

Main article: Elite Four

Image Name Type
Stark screenshot Stark Flying
Mikayla Elite Four Mikayla Fighting
N/A Niles Fairy
N/A Dennis Ghost

Pokémon League Champion Edit

The Champion is the Pokémon trainer who has not only won first place in the Caspia Conference, but also won all four battles against the Elite Four, and has bested the reigning Champion. That trainer is then considered the most powerful Pokémon Trainer in the entire Hora region, and takes up the job of the regional Champion until usurped by another trainer.

In First Pokémon Contest and a new Rival!, a chapter of the Pokémon — Advance Frontier series, it is revealed that the current Champion of Hora is a trainer named Yianni. However, by The Super Punchy Pokémon!, Yianni has been beaten and replaced by Brandon.

The following is a list of known Hora Champions;

  • Yianni — ???th Champion of the Hora Region
  • Brandon — ???th Champion of the Hora Region

Trivia Edit

  • It has been speculated that the other Hora League Gyms (outside the normal main eight) represent the six Pokémon types that are not represented in either the main eight gyms, nor the Elite Four. This means, the remain Gyms would represent the following types; Bug, Steel, Rock, Ground, Poison, and Ice.
  • Hydreigon is the most commonly used Pokémon by members of the Hora League if former Champions are counted; being used by both Selene, Ryan, and Yianni respectively.

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