Route 12 (Japanese: 12ばんどうろ Route 12) is a forested route. It's northern terminus is at Route 11 and it's southern terminus is at Sage City.

Route 12

Route 12's location on the Hora Region Map

Route Description Edit

Route 12 is a fairly standard north-south route. Just like the last few routes that have been encountered up to this point, this route snows constantly here. This road on this route is paved, and the area lined with pine trees. Wild Pokémon inhabits the grass that lines the road, and the roads takes the shape of a twisted "S".

Pokémon Edit

  • Pidgeotto
  • Wingull
  • Zigzagoon
  • Linoone
  • Bidoof
  • Stantler (rare, known to flee)
  • Buneary
  • Skitty
  • Sentret
  • Ditto
  • Meowth

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