Huons Espeon
Gender Female
Type Psychic
Ability Synchronize
Pokémon Information
Current Location Pokémon Research Institute
Original Trainer Bill
First Appearance

Professor Huon's Espeon (蓮博士のーフィ; Hasu-hakase no Eifie) is her only pokémon properly trained for combat, tasked with defending the Pokémon Research Institute following a major attack by Team Rocket.

Biography Edit

Espeon was the most recent addition to Professor Huon's team of pokémon, as well as the only one of the three trained for battle. Following an attack by Team Rocket that resulted in the theft of several incubators of pokémon eggs, Huon realized that she needed a pokémon capable of defending her research. Bill sends her an Eevee at her request, which she sent to Reynard to train. It eventually evolved into an Espeon, although Huon never ceased to have the Espeon provide active security for her researchers.

Despite the tiring work, Huon gave Espeon a lot of attention, requesting that the pokémon be returned to the institute through the Storage System Pokémon Storage System whenever possible.

Personality Edit

Espeon realizes her importance to the research institute and is very protective of the researchers and especially the pokémon eggs. This protectiveness could go to the extreme of not trusting strangers to be near the eggs. It is especially friendly with Huon's Spheal, using her psychic powers to play with Spheal.

Abilities Edit

As an Espeon, it could use its forked tail in order to predict the movements, but not necessarily the attacks, of her opponents. This gives Espeon a sense of confidence, even against foes that have a type advantage against her.

Moves Edit

Huon's Espeon
Move First Used In
Psychic Unknown
Quick Attack Unknown
Morning Sun Unknown
Sand Attack Unknown
A shows that the move was used recently, unless all moves fit this case.

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