Gender Male
Type Water
Ability Sniper
Pokémon Information
Current Location Pokémon Research Institute
Original Trainer Professor Huon
First Appearance
Story Debut Great Expectations

Professor Huon's Octillery (蓮博士のオクタン; Hasu-hakase no Okutank) was one of the two pokémon that belonged to Professor Huon. In direct contrast with her Spheal, Octillery was bold, despite being relatively quiet in speech. Huon came across Octillery while it was a Remoraid that accompanied a Mantine during one of Huon's studies. After realizing that Mantine was very sick and that its illness may spread to Remoraid, Huon took care of the Remoraid while the Mantine recovered. When the pokémon did recover, Remoraid decided to stay with Huon rather than return home with Mantine. Some time later, Remoraid evolved to Octillery. Octillery remained with Huon, helping around the research center whenever it could.

Octillery, unlike Huon's Spheal, acted indifferent around different people. However, it rarely spoke to anyone, including Professor Huon, rarely asking for help on anything.

Moves Edit

Harley Octazooka
Using Octazooka
Move First Used In
Octazooka Scramble at the Pokémon Research Institute!!
A shows that the move was used recently, unless all moves fit this case.

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