Huons Spheal
Gender Male
Type Ice/Water
Ability Thick Fat
Pokémon Information
Original Trainer Professor Huon
First Appearance
Story Debut Great Expectations

Professor Huon's Spheal (蓮博士のタマザラシ; Hasu-hakase no Tamazarashi) was one of the two pokémon that Huon kept with her at the Pokémon Research Institute. Spheal was the first pokémon that Huon obtained, as a parting gift from Professor Elm. Huon keeps Spheal as a pet.

Personality and traits Edit

Spheal is a very social and energetic pokémon. However, it is shy and timid in the presence of strangers. When in the company of friends and acquaintances, Spheal rolls, making cheerful tones. Despite being a single Spheal, it claps its hands continuously during meals to express its pleasure. Huon jokingly mentions that she could never have a meal in peace and quiet with Spheal around. Despite Spheal's enthusiasm, it can become serious and concerned when Huon begins showing her allergic symptoms. When it could, Spheal uses Ice Ball to alleviate Huon's allergy-related fevers as an ice pack.

When Spheal does not recognize an individual, it has a tendency to feel embarrassed by its typical hyperactive behavior and feel more self-conscious about itself. The sudden change of behavior can be very subtle, causing Huon to become concerned.

Spheal and Huon's Espeon are close friends and often played together when Espeon has time off from working with the research institute.

Moves Edit

Professor Huon's Spheal
Move First Used In
Ice Ball Great Expectations
A shows that the move was used recently, unless all moves fit this case.

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