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Indigo Town
Indigo Town
Kanji 藍市街
English Indigo Town
Romaji Ai Shigai
Location Statistics
Region Hora

Indigo Town (藍市街, ai shigai) is a small village located near the top of Mt. Hora. Due to its frigid temperatures, not many trek there and as such the town honors any new visitors. So far it has only appeared in the Re:coded series. Trainers who travel here often are in search of the Indigo Town Gym, aiming to earn the Midnight Badge from Rose, the resident Gym Leader.

Notable LocationsEdit

Indigo Town GymEdit

The Indigo Town Gym is the sole reason why trainers trek up Mt. Hora to this far off town. This gym specializes in the Ice-type and is run by Rose, the granddaughter of the previous Gym Leader. The matches are set up in a Triple-Battle style and one must defeat all of the opposing Pokémon in order to secure victory. Rose is known as the "Ice Queen of the North" due to her brutal battling and knack for turning Pokémon and Humans alike into ice sculptures.

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