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Age 17
Birthday October 12
Gender Female
Eye color Blue
Hair color Blonde
Trainer Status
Trainer Class Pokémon Trainer
League Badges None
Ribbons Earned None
Frontier Symbols N/A
Current League None
Travel Partner(s) Jason Reid, Misty
Starter Pokémon Unknown
Personal Status
Hometown Eden Town
Current Residence None
First Appearance
Story Debut Route 6 of the Hora Region! Get out of the Sandstorm!

Ivory (アイボリー Ivory) is a Pokémon Trainer from Eden Town. She is a traveling partner of Jason and Misty, and began her journey before Jason did. Unlike Jason and Misty, she has no interest in either battles or contests, she merely wishes to enjoy traveling with her Pokémon.

Appearance Edit

Ivory has the appearance of a young woman with blonde hair worn in a large ponytail, who dresses very tombishly. Her attire consists of a white T-shirt, a black jacket worn over, and ripped jean shorts, in addition to hiking boots. She also wears a pink and white cap with a Poké Ball symbol on it.

Personality Edit

Ivory is an upbeat Pokémon Trainer. She loves traveling, and, unlike many Trainers, has no set goal whatsoever. She stated herself that Gym Battles bore her and Contests are too flashy. All she wants to do is enjoy traveling with her Pokémon, and make friends along the way.

She is skilled at catching Pokémon, though many of the Pokémon she catches, she does not use. She says that when she sees a Pokémon she's never had before, it's she battles and catches it on impulse. She had been catching Pokémon before she started her Journey, with Poké Balls she would steal from her parents.

History Edit

Synopsis Edit

Ivory started her journey 4 years prior to the events of Ivory and Ebony. She encounters Jason and Misty, and becomes their traveling companion.

Pokémon — Songs of Victory  Edit

Equipment Edit

Bag (Japanese: バッグ bag): Like nearly all traveling trainers, Ivory carries a Bag.

Pokédex (Japanese: ポケモン図鑑 illustrated Pokémon encyclopedia): Ivory also possesses a Pokédex, a device thatt gives information about all Pokémon in the world that are contained in its database. She received her Pokédex from Professor Changi when she first started her journey on her 10th birthday 6 years ago.

Pokémon Edit

On Hand Edit


In Box or with Prof. Changi Edit

The only Pokémon that will be listed here are ones she uses. Many Pokémon captured by Ivory are either released or sent to the Professor's lab for research.

Chikorita → Bayleaf → Meganium
Zubat → Golbat → Crobat
Ryan's Electrode
Electrode (multiple)
Snorunt → Glalie
Gible → Gabite
Ryan's Staraptor
Starly → Staravia → Staraptor
Ryan's Pigeot
Pidgeotto → Pigeot
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Ryan&#039;s Sceptile
Treecko → Grovyle → Sceptile
Phanpy → Donphan


Language Name Origin
Japanese アイボリー Ivory

Ivory is a term for dentine, which constitutes the bulk of the teeth and tusks of animals such as elephants, when used as a material for art or manufacturing. Also taken from the name for the Pika-Fanon Series, Ivory and Ebony. Ivory can also be synonymous with "White".
English Ivory Same as Japanese Name

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