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Jade Orb
Jade Orb
Kanji もえぎいろのたま
English Verdant Jewel
Romaji Moegīro no Tama
Item Statistics
Type Key Item
Use To control Rayquaza

The Jade Orb (もえぎいろのたま, Moegīro no Tama; lit., "Verdant Jewel") is a legendary sphere connected to the legend of Hora, specifically known as the "Gem of the Mediator", which refers to Rayquaza.

Use Edit

The Orb's location is unknown, but legend tells that it is guarded by Rayquaza. It is said that its power locks away the two forms of Lagralia and Sacrelivo, and therefore can be used in connection with the Condemned Chamber and the Sacred Sanctum to revive the beasts in their original state. If it is similar to the Red Orb and the Blue Orb, then it may also be able to summon Rayquaza itself.

Users Edit

  • None

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