Officer Jenny
Officer Jenny
Age 40
Gender Female
Eye color Brown
Hair color Green
Officer Status
Trainer Class Policewoman
Officer of Silver Town
Main Pokémon Lickitung
Personal Status
Relatives Officer Jenny of Hearthome City (sister)
Hometown Silver Town
Current Residence Silver Town
First Appearance
Story Debut Jenny and Lickitung
Jenny is the Officer Jenny of Silver Town.




Officer Jenny is very serious with her job, but still cares for Pokémon, especially her Lickitung.


On handEdit

Jenny's Lickitung
Main article: Officer Jenny's Lickitung

Officer Jenny has a Lickitung, which serves as her main pokemon. It always accompanies her on patrol and often helps out and has a habit of licking Officer Jenny with its tongue, paralyzing her. Destipe thr constit licking, Officer Jenny still cares for her Lickitung.

Debut [[|Jenny and Lickitung]]

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