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Jeremy (ジェレミー, Jeremī) is a minor reoccurring character that appears in Pokémon — Advance Frontier. He is a 13-year old boy from Phlox Town, competing in the Hora League and makes his debut in The Super Punchy Pokémon! as a participant in the P1 Grand Prix. Jeremy is around Lyra's height, with onyx-colored eyes, and blue hair.

Prior to his debut, he has stated that he had competed in the P1 Grand Prix, and lost on several occasions. Despite this, he is a fairly decent trainer; having earned several, as of yet unrevealed, Hora league badges.

Pokémon Edit

This is a list of Jeremy's known Pokémon;

Minor Sawk
Jeremy claims that Sawk is his first and, currently, only Pokémon. It is a fairly powerful Pokémon, having competed numerous times in the P1 Grand Prix. It has also supposedly won Jeremy several Gym badges.

Its moves are currently unknown..

Debut The Super Punchy Pokémon!

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