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"The Surprising Raiser"
Age 16
Gender Male
Birth date May 14th
Hometown Mahogany Town
Region Johto
Relatives Borgue (cousin), Raff (friend)
Trainer class Pokémon Trainer and Coordinator

Joseph is a young and talented Pokemon Trainer, who travelled around the world getting Gym Badges and beating the Elite Four surprisingly easily on every region he travelled. His goal is to be not the better trainer in the world. He wants to be the person with the strongest connection with his Pokémon.

Personality Edit

Joseph is a serious and quiet boy. He only talks when it's necessary, and no more. He will only talk with the persons of his confidence. With other people he will remain silent, and he will only talk when it's battle time. He loves fighting, and he has a very peculiar and kind of defensive style of fighting. He likes Pokémon Contests too, in which his gracileness in terms of fighting brought him into the victory more than once.

He'll look serious all the time, but when he's alone, he spent most of the time hugging and caring of his Pokémon, specially Mawile, who him and her have an special connection between the two.

History Edit

He resides at Mahogany Town. All his family's generations became sucessful trainers, and with Joseph this wouldn't be an exception. At the age of 8, at his birthday, Joseph's parents brought him his first Pokémon like a birthday present. It was a Shuckle. At first, he cared of Shuckle like he was only a pet, but slowly he became interested in Pokémon battling. His first battle and victory marked his talent in Pokémon battling. At the age of 10, he started his Pokémon journey along with his cousin Borgue and his friend Raff. He has sucessfully traveled and became victorious in all he did.

Pokemon Edit

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