Rival Battle! Houndoom VS OshawottEdit

The Second Episode of Landon's Quest


Landon and Karter face off on opposite sides of the field. Karter says they will each use one Pokemon, and orders Houndoom onto the field. Landon sends out Oshawott.

Theme Song: Pokemon Theme (First Version)Edit

Act 1Edit

Landon orders Oshawott to use Water Gun. Karter orders Houndoom to use smokescreen. Oshawott's attack misses. Houndoom uses tackle, sending Oshawott flying. Landon recalls Oshawott to the Poke Ball as he flies away, then sends him back out.

Oshawott uses a bubblebeam, but Houndoom uses Agility to dodge.

Oshawott hit straight on by a flamethrower, an instant KO.

Karter tells Landon he should release Oshawott now, and leaves.

Landon recalls Oshawott and runs towards the exit of the forest, arriving in Gardenia Town.

He makes it to the Pokemon Center, where he heals Oshawott.

He calls Professor Changi on the phone at the center to ask him about Karter. Changi says that Professor Sycamore mentioned an abusive trainer he had given a Chespin to a few years ago. That Chespin had since come back to The Professor in his final form.

Landon asks what he can do about Karter's bad training methods and Changi advises he lead by example. Landon agrees.

Changi also mentions he has something for Landon. He says Gerald brought him an egg laid by a Salamence and suggested he send it to one of his strongest trainers. Changi says he doesn't like Gerald's attitude, so he sends it to Landon

Act 2Edit

With a new egg, Landon sets off to train in Illusion Forest some more. There he runs into a girl who introduces herself as Laura, who is exiting her cabin home in the forest. Laura says she wants to be a Pokemon Breeder, and asks Landon if she minds if they travel together. Landon agrees, and they set back off to Gardenia Town, Landon eager to challenge his first gym.


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