A Rather Normal BattleEdit

The Third episode of Landon's Quest


Landon and Laura walk up to the front of the Gym in Gardenia. Laura asks Landon if he's ready. Landon replies yes with confidence.

Theme Song: Pokemon Theme (First Version)Edit

Act 1Edit

Thay go into the Gym, where blonde twins await them. The Boy introduces himself as Axel and the Girl Alexa. They say the Gym Battle will be a double battle. Landon sends out Oshawott and Taillow. Axel and Alexa send out Zangoose and Snorlax respectively.

Landon begins by having Oshawott wet Zangoose' fur, and Taillow fly very fast around Snorlax' head.

Zangoose is soaked to the skin, and is very slow. This allows Oshawott to get several direct hits in. Finally, Zangoose is declared unable to battle.

Zangoose is recalled.

Between Oshawott and Taillow, Landon gains his first Hora League Victory, The Stinger Badge.

Act 2Edit

Outside the gym, Axel and Alexa give Landon his badge. Landon and Laura set off for their next destination.

on the Route, they are interrupted by a small explosion, coming down on hang gliders are Team Rocket Executives Archer and Ariana . They begin to chant their motto:

Ariana: Prepare for trouble...

Archer: ...and make it double!

Ariana: To infect the world with devastation!

Archer: To blight all people in every nation!

Ariana: To denounce the goodness of truth and love!

Archer: To extend our wrath to the stars above!

Ariana: Ariana!

Archer: And Archer, of course!

Ariana: We're Team Rocket, circling Earth all day and all night!

Archer: Surrender to us now or you will surely lose the fight!

Landon asks them what they want. Archer repleis that they want their Pokemon. Laura says they'll never get them. Archer sends out Houndoom and Ariana; Murkrow.Landon sends out Oshawott and Laura sends out Evee.Oshawott uses Hydro Pump on Houndoom, sending it crashing into Archer, knocking him off balance.Laura's Evee and Ariana's Murkrow send shadow balls at each other, and the area begins to get smokey. When the smoke clears, Murkrow is unable to battle. Archer gets up, recalls Houndoom as Ariana recalls Murkrow and together they fly off on their gliders, which switch to Jetpacks. 


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