The Seeds of a New FriendshipEdit

the fourth episode of Landon's Quest


Landon and Laura are walking towards the Monkshood Gym when they come across an injured Ferroseed. Landon wraps it in hsi jacket to avoid poking himself, and they rush it to Mimosa City, the nearest Pokemon Center.

Theme Song:Pokemon Theme (1st Version)Edit

Act 1Edit

Nurse Joy has Chansey take Ferroseed away for care. She tells Landon and Laura that sometimes in the wild, Pokemon have an evolution ritual, and if a member of their group doesn't want to evolve at the time of the ritual, they are brutally removed from the pack. Landon remarks that he wishes he could do something to stop that, but Laura tells him it wouldn't do for humans to try to control Pokemon in their natural habitat. Landon agrees. Karter walks up, and having overheard the conversation, tells Landon that the pack is right to get rid of a weak unevolved Pokemon. Landon challenges Karter to a Pokemon Battle, and Karter agrees. To a Full Battle. When Landon tells him he doesn't have six Pokemon, Karter leaves. Landon runs after Karter, and says that Karter must be afraid of losing if he won't battle two on two. Karter sighs and agrees. They go back to the Pokemon Center battlefield.

Act 2Edit

Landon and Karter face off. Karter begins with Tranquill and Landon with Taillow. Tranquill and Taillow are both ordered to use Peck and their beaks meet fiercly. The recoil is so high, both Pokemon fly back out of bounds. Landon begins to send out Oshawott, but Nurse Joy comes out with Ferroseed who is fully healed. Ferroseed leaps onto the battlefield. Landon asks if Ferroseed wants to battle for him, and Ferroseed nods. Karter sends out Heracross. Heracross tries to use Megahorn, but Ferroseed leaps above him and uses vine whip to fling him. Heracross takes damage, but is not out yet. Ferroseed lands and Heracross returns to Karter's side. Karter orders Heracross to use Megahorn again, and this time Ferroseed is unable to dodge. Fortunately, it isn't very critical, but does minor damage. Suddenly, Ferroseed explodes with light and begins to grow into a Ferrothorn. Laura remarks that it must have been waiting for the right trainer to evolve for. Joy agrees. Ferrothorn flings Heracross out of bounds. Landon is declared the winner and Karter leaves.

After Karter is gone, Landon asks Ferrothorn if he wants to join him. Ferrothron nods and uses its vines to grab a Poke Ball and catch itself.

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