A New CompanionEdit

The Fifth Episode of Landon's Quest


Landon and Laura arrive in Monkshood Town. Landon declares that he will challenge the Pokemon Gym. Laura suggests they stop at the Pokemon Center first. Landon agrees and they go to the center

Theme Song: Pokemon Theme (Version 1)Edit

Act 1Edit

Landon and Laura leave the Pokemon Center and head for the Gym. Inside, a battle is in midst: Seviper vs. Galvantula. 

The Seviper's Trainer orders his Pokemon to use Poison Tail one more time. The snake obeys and Galvantula is declared unable to battle. The Judge declares Terry the winner. Terry recieves the badge and is about to leave when he see Landon and Laura. He introduces himself, and asks if he can watch Landon's match. Landon agrees.

After healing his Pokemon, Cable returns for a three-on-three battle with Landon.

Landon begins with Ferrothorn. Cable sends out Electabuzz. 

Landon orders Ferrothorn to use Razor leaf. It does some damage. Electabuzz uses ThunderPunch, and damage is done to both Ferrothorn and Electabuzz because of Ferrothorn's spikes.

Ferrothorn uses vine whip on Electabuzz, causingn new damage. Electabuzz uses Thunderbolt, and Ferrothorn is knocked out.

Act 2Edit

For his second Pokemon, Landon sends out Taillow, knowing Oshawott will be at a disadvantage.

He orders Taillow to use agility. Electabuzz's next Thunderbolts miss because of the agility. Taillow hits Electabuzz straight on with Wing Attack. Electabuzz is declared unable to battle.

Cable next sends out Jolteon. Taillow uses Wing Attack again, but is paralyzed. It manages to dodge a Thunder Wave before it explodes in a white light. Taillow, now Swellow is no longer paralyzed. He uses Steel Wing on Jolteon, which knocks it out.

For his final Pokemon, Cable sends out Magnezone. 

Magnezone defeats Swellow easily, leaving Landon with one hope: Oshawott.

Oshawott begins with scalchop, which scratches Magnezone slightly. Landon then orders Oshawott to wet the field. Cable orders a Thundershock, but it backfires because the water on the field conducts the electricity and hits Magnezone. Cable recalls Magnezone as the match is called. Cable gives Landon the Bolt Badge, and they shake hands.

As Landon and Laura are leaving, headed towards the next gym, Terry stops them and asks if he can come with them. Landon and Laura both agree. Terry mentions that he'd like to compete in the Monkshood Contest before they leave, and Landon and Laura both agree to stay and watch.

To Be ContinuedEdit

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