The Monkshood ContestEdit

The Sixth Episode of Landon's Quest


The Monkshood Contest is beginning. First up in the appeal is Terry. The announcer introduces Terry as a trainer from Eden Town who competes in Gym Battles and Contests. Terry pulls out a Poke Ball with a star seal. He tosses it into the air, and a Prinplup bursts fourth

Theme Song: Pokemon Theme (2nd Version)Edit

Act 1Edit

Prinplup lands on the stage in a crouch and stands. Terry orders a bubblebeam. Prinplup complies. Terry then orders a Ice Beam. The bubbles are frozen and land in two rows on the stage. The Judges applaud. The other contestants compete, all leading up to the final entry: Jackson . Jackson sends out a Pikachu which impresses the judges.

The first rounds over, the battles are declared. 6 Trainers move forth. Terry defeats all the compeitors up to Jackson. The Final Battle Round is Terry vs Jackson.

Act 2Edit

For the battle, Terry sends out Prinplup for battle. Jackson sends out Pikachu. The Judges remark that Pikachu has an advantage, but Prinplup seems to be pretty powerful.

Prinplup begins with Ice Beam, but Pikachu stands on his tail to avoid the ice. Unfortunately, his tail is still frozen to the field.

Jackson orders a Iron Tail, and the ice shatters.

Terry tells Prinplup to use Bubblebeam. Pikachu is pelted with bubbles, knocking his points down.

Pikachu uses a Shock Wave, but Prinplup dodges. Terry then improvises Ice Pulse: Water Pulse frozen. It is a critical hit, and Pikachu can no longer battle. 

Terry is declared the winner.

With the Monkshood Ribbon in hand, Terry, Landon and Laura head out for the next gym


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