Oh, Shinx!Edit

The Seventh Episode of Landon's Quest


Landon, Laura and Terry have arrived in Phlox Town. Terry suggests they do some training at the Battle Club. Inside the Battle Club, Karter is battling a Girl with a Shinx against her Geodude

Theme Song: Pokemon Theme (Version 2)Edit

Act 1Edit

Karter tells Shinx to use tackle, but the Geodude's rocky body hurts Shinx. Shinx is knocked out. Karter recalls Shinx and goes outside.

Landon slips outside to watch what Karter does.

Karter breaks open the Poke Ball and Shinx bursts forth. Karter kicks Shinx, sending it rollling down the road. Karter smirks and says that Shinx is too weak for his party.

Landon runs to Shinx, ignoring Karter. He takes Shinx to the Pokemon Center, where he gives it to Nurse Joy and says it was abandoned by his Rival. Landon calls Professor Changi about Karter. Changi tells him the Professor Sycamore of Kalos told him about Karter and how he released his whole Kalos Team after they lost the Kalos League. Landon remarks about how wrong that is. Changi agrees, but says the only thing they can do about Karter is show and example of kindness, and maybe it'll rub off. Landon agrees.

Act 2Edit

After a long wait, Shinx is healed. Landon asks Shinx if it wants to come with him on his journey and Shinx nods its head. Landon holds out a Poke Ball and Shinx captures itself. Terry asks Landon about the Battle Club, and Landon agrees to go.

Landon and Terry have a training battle at the Battle Club, with Laura watching. It is a 1-1 battle, with Landon using Shinx and Terry using Scyther. Shinx gains the upper hand and Scyther is declared unable to battle. Terry tells Landon he's lucky to have Shinx. Unbeknownst to all of them, Karter is watching from the shadows. He remarks to himself that maybe Shinx did have potential, but he's better off without it.

To Be ContinuedEdit

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