The Revolution That is EvolutionEdit

the eighth episode of Landon's Quest


The Heroes have arrived in Dahlia, where Landon intends to challenge the gym. Laura reminds him that they did a lot of training en route, and that he should heal up first.

Theme Song Version 2Edit

Act 1Edit

Landon faces off with Vinette who declares that each of them may use three Pokemon with only Landon able to substitute. Landon begins with his newest capture Shinx.  Vinette sends out Lombre. Landon uses Shinx to use thunderbolt and Shinx complies, doing some good damage. Vinette has Lombre use Hydro Pump and Shinx is pelted back. Shinx responds with Shock Wave, which is a KO on Lombre. Vinette next sends out Sawsbuck. who uses Energy Ball to KO Shinx. Landon next sends out Oshawott, who is knocked out quickly by a sucessive Energy Ball and Jump Kick. Landon's final choice is Ferrothorn, who uses razor leaf to knock out Sawsbuck. Vinette's final choice is Tropius. Tropius uses Leaf Tornado which does serious damage to Ferrothorn. Ferrothorn uses vine whip, but Tropius flies up and dodges it. Finally, Tropius uses gust, which knocks Ferrothorn into the wall. Landon recalls his Pokemon and thanks Vinette for her time, assuring that he'll be back for a rematch.

Act 2Edit

At the Pokemon Center, Terry remarks that its unfortunate Landon doesn't have a fire type. Landon agrees and asks if Terry or Laura has one he can borrow, by chance. Laura actually does and sends out a Darumaka. After checking it on its Pokedex, Landon asks if he may borrow it. Laura agrees. Landon sets out to train on Route 20 for his rematch.

After a while, he return to the gym for another challenge. 

This time, he begins with Darumaka, who easily defeats Ludicolo with his ember. Next up is Sawsbuck agiain, which Darumaka uses Flamethrower to defeat. 

Finally, Tropius is up once more. Darumaka uses Flamethrower, and it does some minor damage, but Tropius is still in the battle. Tropius uses Leaf Storm, which sends Darumaka flying. Laura catches her Pokemon and it is declared unable to battle. Landon next sends out Oshawott, who after using Shell Blade and doing minor damage, begins to glow and grow. Now a Dewott, Landon's Starter uses Hydro Pump and Tropius is sent crashing down. Landon recieves the Oak Badge, and sets off for the next destination

To Be ContinuedEdit

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