Hatching a New PlotEdit

The 9th Episode of Landon's Quest


Archer and Ariana are before Giovanni. He tells them that 'The Boy' has been seen in posession of an Bagon egg. Giovanni orders them to retireve the egg before it hatches at all costs. 

Theme Song Version 2Edit

Act 1Edit

Landon, Terry and Laura are enjoying a picnic lunch somewhere in between Dahlia and Safflower. Terry and Landon are both admiring their Oak Badges (Terry earned his Offscreen). Laura asks Terry where the next contest is, and Terry replies that there is one in Safflower. Landon remarks on the conveinence of this beforee his bag starts wiggling.

he pulls his egg (in its case) from his bag. Landon removes the egg from the case and sets it on the blanket. 

Archer and Ariana are watching from a tree. Archer says that if Bagon is hatching now, there is no way they can get it as an egg. Ariana agrees, but says they still have to get something.

The Egg finishes cracking, and Bagon emerges. Bagon sets its eyes on Laura first, and identifies her as his mother. Landon tells her that she can raise Bagon if she wants, and Laura agrees.

She is reaching for Bagon to cuddle it, when an arm emerges from nowhere and grabs the newborn

Act 2Edit

It's Team Rocket. In a hot air balloon with a traditional black top emblazoned with an R They recite their motto, and Landon challenges them to a battle, sending out Dewott. Archer sends out Houndoom and Ariana sends out a Fennekin. Landon looks it up in the Pokedex and is suprised to see Team Rocket with a starter Pokemon. Ariana tells him it was simple to trick Changi into thinking she's a late beginning trainer. Landon has Oshawott use hydro pump, which sends the fire Pokemon crashing into the now-landed balloon. Bagon escapes and runs to Laura while Team Rocket flies off on their jetpacks after recalling their Pokemon. Laura tells Landon that in exchange for Bagon, he can have Darumaka. Laura calls out Darumaka and asks if he's up for being Landon's Pokemon and Darumaka agrees.

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