Landon' Dewott

Landon's Dewott
Gender Male
Caught at Professor Changi's Laboratory
Type Water
Ability Torrent
Pokémon Information
Current Location With Landon
Evolution Spent 8 Episodes as Dewott
First Evolution In LQ008
Original Trainer Landon
First Appearance
Story Debut LQ001


Oshawott was a starter at Professor Changi's Laboratory before he and Landon locked eyes. When they did this, Landon and Oshawott knew they were meant to be best friends. Throughout their journey together, Landon used Oshawott the most out of all his Pokemon, culminating in his evolution during Landon's third gym battle.


Oshawott's personality is much like its trainers: It won't be insulted, and it is quickly ready to fight anyone who does so. This continues when he evolves

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