The legendary guardians, a term first coined in Hora, is the collective term used to denote the legendary bird Pokémon Lugia and Ho-Oh. The two legendary Pokémon seem to be different members of their species than the ones found in Johto or Hoenn. Like their counterparts, the Legendary beasts of Hora, they are shiny versions of their species.

Ho-oh is said to roost atop Mt. Hora, while Lugia nests somewhere underneath Route 11. Neither Pokémon can be caught unless certain, yet unknown, conditions are met. It is presumed one must get a Shiny Rainbow Wing or a Shiny Silver Wing respectively in order to make either Pokémon appear.

Members of this duo Edit

Note Edit

This is an out of character note to all users

No one is to claim either bird without the express permission of the admins. If your reason for wanting one isn't deemed good enough, expect it to be declined.

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