Lexa's Snorlax
シルバーのカビゴン Shirubā no Kabigon
Bag Poké Ball Sprite
Silver's Snorlaxanime
Silver's Snorlax
Debuts in First Pokémon Gym Battle! Victory over the Gardenia Twins?
Caught at Unknown
Evolves in ???
Gender Female
Ability Immunity
Current location With Lexa
Ani446OD Ani143MS
This Pokémon spent 0 episodes as Munchlax.
Voice actor Japanese English
As Munchlax None
As Snorlax None

Lexa's Snorlax (シルバーのカビゴン, Shirubā no Kabigon) is a large Normal-type Pokémon utilized by Lexa, the female Gym Leader of Gardenia Town.

Biology Edit

Snorlax's body is composed of mostly its belly, where most of its fat reserves accumulate. It wakes up only to eat and seldom exercises. Its head is also large, and it has two pointed teeth sticking out. Its feet, with three claws and a circular brown paw pad, are extremely large compared to most Pokémon, assisting its balance when it chooses to stand. Its arms and foreclaws are short, but are long enough for Snorlax to grab its food and eat it, and strong enough to deliver powerful blows. It is usually dark blue or green in color.

Snorlax spend the majority of their time sleeping, surviving on their stored fat. Many Snorlax only awaken once a month, spending their waking time finding more food. A hungry Snorlax isn't satisfied until it consumes 900 pounds of food, and then it goes back to sleep. If one ever sees a sleeping Snorlax, he or she should not wake it up, because these Pokémon become very grumpy if their peaceful dreams become interrupted. Several Psychic-type Pokémon using Dream Eater find this out the hard way. Aside from this, they are very docile and even allow children to bounce on its big belly.

Snorlax are not picky, and will eat anything and everything that is edible. They are fond of large, thorny vines or their diet may compose of bananas found in grasslands. Snorlax only wake up to eat. They need to eat about 900lbs (90% of their bodyweight) to be satisfied before falling back to sleep. Some Snorlax sleep for a month at a time, so 900lbs of food is enough to sustain them for at least one month whilst asleep.

Abilities & traits Edit

Snorlax's Immunity ability make it immune to poison.

When trained and exercised properly, Snorlax can gain supreme strength and ability. They can throw incredibly powerful punches and cause immense earthquakes.

Moves Edit

Snorlax preforming Mega Punch
Move First Used In
Mega Punch Unknown
Fire Punch Unknown
Ice Punch Unknown
Thunder Punch Unknown
Earthquake Unknown
A shows that the move was used recently, unless all moves fit this case.

Moves improvised Edit