Team 'Rocket'
"Do not question me"
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Gender Male
Eye color Blue
Hair color Black
Hometown Lake of Rage
Region Johto
Generation Unknown
Games All

History Edit

Logan was born in the Johto region near the Lake of Rage. One day when Logan was very young he was playing in the woods and found a sick man and his Dragonite. Feeling compassion for the man and his Pokemon, Logan tried his best to nurse them back to health. When the strange man was healed he thanked the boy by giving him an egg. As he flew off into the sky a red R flashed in the sunlight. A few years later a group of men came to Logan's town and confronted Logan about his Dratini being ignorant to the man's true intent. He happily told them of his encounter with the man with the red R. As he explained the story, he noticed the same emblem on each of their jackets. The leader informed Logan that they were Team Rocket and the egg he had been given for helping the man was not the sick man's to give away. So, he was going to have to take it. Logan begged and pleaded for his Pokemon and finally he was given the chance to pick: give up the Pokemon or if he became a part of Team Rocket he may have his beloved Dratini. Logan became a part of Teem Rocket and took the code name Merchant.... Logan later meats Slade and they became partner. A merchants trade

Logan's Team Edit




Milotic2 2




Houndoom by kankakanka


181 Ampharos



I placed all of them at thar top evolutions for pick sake, thay evolve in the story

Mr. Monk 02:43, January 13, 2011 (UTC)

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