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Croagunk - Toxicroak

Looker Toxicroak 2

Gender Male
Caught at Unknown
Type Poison/Fighting
Pokémon Information
Current Location With Looker
Original Trainer Looker
First Appearance
Story Debut N/A

Looker's Toxicroak (ハンサムのドクロッグ, Handsome no Dokurog) is Looker's first and only Pokémon.

Background Edit

Looker's first and only known Pokémon is his Toxicroak. Originally a Croagunk he befriended sometime during his officer training, Looker bonded strongly with Croagunk, and it became his constant companion. At some point, later on, it evolved into a Toxicroak.

Biology Edit

Toxicroak's appearance is much more humanoid than Croagunk, though it still maintains the appearance of an over-sized, bipedal frog. Its main body color is a dark blue or teal. Its head bears a gently-upward curling spike which seems to be a part of the skull, as it is covered in the same color skin as the rest of its body. Toxicroak's eyes are bright yellow, sinister and intimidating, with a small snake-like pupil. Its mouth is not much different from Croagunk's; it still looks as though it is wearing a mouth-guard, with its red upper lip curling upward at the ends in a very intimidating manner.

Underneath its chin is a bulbous red vocal sack. Toxicroak has three fingers and one large red claw on the back of each hand. Its forearms have two black rings encircling them. Its legs are muscular and seem to be adapted for speedy attacks. It has three toes on its feet, with the middle toe red on each foot, and a sharp spike jutting out of its heels. Underneath the pelvic area Toxicroak has two white horizontal lines, which have moved down from Croagunk's chest. Toxicroak has thick black lines running down the sides of its body and surrounding its limbs, making them seem as if the limbs are detachable. The black lines go up into its face and surround the eyes before meeting in the middle of its snout, just above the upper lip.

Abilities Edit

As Looker's only Pokémon, Toxicroak is also his strongest. Its Ability remains entirely a mystery.

Moves Edit

Looker Toxicroak Sludge Bomb
Using Sludge Bomb.
Move First Used In
Sludge Bomb Unknown
Rock Smash Unknown
Poison Jab Unknown
Aerial Ace Unknown
A shows that the move was used recently, unless all moves fit this case.

Appearances Edit

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