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Lyra's Golett
Lyra Golett
Gender Genderless
Caught at Dark Crag
Type ground/ghost
Ability Iron Fist
Pokémon Information
Current Location With Lyra
Original Trainer Lyra
First Appearance
Story Debut The Fossil Pokémon Roundup!

Lyra's Golett (コトネのゴビット, Kotone no Gobit) is the fourth Pokémon caught by Lyra, and the second Pokémon she catches in the Hora region.

History Edit

Golett appears in The Fossil Pokémon Roundup!, when it steels Professor Alden's DNA analyzer and runs off to nearby Dark Crag. It is found by Lyra, Silus, and Nathan, who attempt to get the device back, to no avail. Finally, it battles against Lyra's Bayleef, and loses; getting caught by Lyra soon after.

Biology Edit

Golett is a bipedal, clay Pokémon constructed in the ancient past to protect a civilization of people and Pokémon. There are two different shades of blue throughout its appearance. It has a head with a cyan-colored "fin" on top of its head, and two bewitching, yellow eyes. Around its spherical body are brown straps, which meet at a blue square with a yellow swirl in the center. It has four large stones, two on its arms and two acting as its feet. Golett burns energy inside itself in order to move. This energy causes Golett to release light through the holes near its arms and legs. However, no one has identified this energy.

Abilities & traits Edit

Golett has proven itself to be an extremely powerful Pokémon, easily overwhelming Lyra's more experienced Bayleef before being beaten. It has the ability Iron Fist, which powers up its punching attacks dramatically.

Lyra Golett Gyro Ball
Using Gyro Ball.
Move First Used In
Night Shade  The Fossil Pokémon Roundup!
Hammer Arm  The Fossil Pokémon Roundup!
Iron Defense Unknown
Gyro Ball Unknown
A shows that the move was used recently, unless all moves fit this case.

Appearances Edit

Hora League

Trivia Edit

  • Golett is Lyra's first non-female Pokémon.

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