This Maisy has the same history as the Maisy from the Pokémon Adventures Manga, completely disregarding her brief anime appearance.

チエ Chie
Commission MasterPyro by comfycushion87
Artwork of Maisy from Dev.
Age 10 (as of debut)
19 (currently)
Gender Female
Birth date September 20
Eye color Blue
Hair color Black
Hometown Azalea Town
Region Johto, Hora
Relatives Mother, Father
Trainer class Pokémon Trainer
Generation Generation II Generation IV
Games Gold, Silver, Crystal HeartGold, SoulSilver

Maisy (Japanese: チエ Chie) is the granddaughter of Kurt. Formerly residing in Azalea Town of Johto, Maisy moved to the Hora Region, where she creates Apricorn Balls for trainers in the region.

Synopsis Edit

In the games Edit

In the games, Kurt's granddaughter is not given a name, although she takes the same role as Maisy does in the anime.

She lives with her grandfather in Azalea Town. Her father works at Silph Co. but nothing is known about her mother, nor through which parent she is related to Kurt. Her favorite Pokémon is a Slowpoke, one of which lives with her and Kurt in their house. She always watches her grandpa's work attentively and is very lonely when he leaves home.

In the Pokémon Adventures Manga Edit

Maisy Adventures

Maisy in the Pokémon Adventures manga

Gold met Maisy and Kurt. Maisy told Gold that she wanted a Friend Ball to capture a cute kind of Pokémon in the mountains, but that Kurt wouldn't make one for her.

Kurt explained that once, his ancestors were the only ones capable of creating Poké Balls until companies started to mass produce them. Kurt said that Gold wasn't experienced enough to use his special Balls, something that annoyed Gold. Kurt made a Friend Ball for Gold, and Maisy and Gold went up to the mountains and found the Pokémon Maisy was after - a Teddiursa. Unfortunately, a wild Ursaring stepped into defend its cub.

Luckily, Silver was after an Ursaring with a custom Heavy Ball of his own - and together the two boys were able to use their custom Poké Balls to capture the two bear Pokémon.

Gold gave Maisy the Teddiursa, saying that from now on, it'd be her special partner.

Later, in his attack on the Indigo Plateau, the Masked Man held Maisy hostage to force Kurt to turn over the design plans for the GS Ball.

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