Mandarin Island 蜜柑島
Mandarin Island
"Wild Missingno. appeared!"
Mandarin Island
Location: Northeast of Lingon Island
Region: Tropi Archipelago
Generations: 1-5
Tropi Archipelago Mandarin Island map
Location of Mandarin Island in Tropi Archipelago.
Pokémon World Locations

Mandarin Island (蜜柑島 Mikan Shima, lit. Mandarin Island) is the third island in the Tropi Archipelago, as well the as third smallest. Mandarin Island, unlike how the name implies, is desert-like, until one reaches the town of Reticulata Island. Mandarin Island, by way of Reticulata Island, is the only location in the entire Hora Region where Corsola can be captured.

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